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Order Instructions

Delivery information

We have a stock of hair in London and for smaller orders we can ship immediately, however delivery time can be up to 20 working days from the day a payment has been made and it might be delayed due to customs clearance in the UK. When we sell hair directly from our stock the time is usually up to 3 working days depending on availability. The delivery time will be confirmed by email.

With larger orders, delivery time can be extended up to 30 working days from the day a payment has been made.

We reserve the right to change delivery time on international sales, in any case contact us for more details.

We will contact you within 24 hours after you have placed your order and confirm with you your delivery time.



Choosing the right colour and style                

Please refer to the colour chart which is displayed in our online store. Keep in mind that the colour chart relates only to the Coloured Russian hair and Southern Russian hair. Virgin Russian hair might be slightly different because this hair is natural and has never been coloured. You will be able to specify your desired colour on every product in our online shop. It is important to give us as many information about your desired product so you get exactly what you wish for. For example if you are buying the hand tied wefts or clips we need to know the width and amount of the individual pieces. When buying machine wefts you may want two or three rows. Pre-bonded hair (I-tips and U-tips) weigh usually 1 gram – let us know if you like heavier. Any specific requests will be made for you as all our products are custom made.

After receiving an order we contact our clients within 24 hours and confirm the requirements.




We offer a 10% discount when buying 201g to 500g; 15% discount when buying 501g to 1 kg; 20% when buying over 1 kg.

Our online shop automatically calculates the discounts which are offered for Virgin Russian hair and Coloured Russian hair. The discounts do not apply for Southern Russian hair. 

When buying larger quantities, please contact us directly for specifications and discounts.


Thank you for visiting us and hope you find the hair you were looking for.