Russian Hair Facts

All you need to know about Russian Hair.

There is a lot you need to understand about Russian hair, it is in a different league to other hair that you can buy online. Genuine Russian hair is rare and not cheap to get hold of. What is most readily available is Indian and what is called “European Hair”. Most of this hair is over-processed due to colouring, a lot of silicone is used on the hair so it looks shiny and healthy. Once this silicone is washed off you will end up with hair that tangles and is very difficult to even brush through. You often find this hair to be 80 percent synthetic or animal hair.

This is because the natural hair cuticles are often removed from the hair (it is put into an acid bath, therefore we can no longer call it REMY hair). This hair cannot last you more than 6 months as it is impossible to maintain. Remy hair is cuticle correct aligned hair.

Russian Hair uses no silicone so it will last for many years, rather than a few months. If it is looked after with appropriate care it will last you a lifetime.

This hair is collected from villages in Russia. The women do not colour or perm their hair as much and can grow over a metre long hair which is healthy, shiny and beautiful.

About double-drawn hair:

We can comb out the shortest hair from the ponytail which can make the hair double-drawn to 60%. To make 100% double drawn hair would be very pricey but possible to do.

About Slavic virgin hair:

This is very rare and by far the most beautiful hair. It feels very soft as it is mainly cut from young donors. This hair is not processed in any way and it is very easy to spot the quality just by touching the hair. Most common virgin shades are dark and medium browns. We can also get dark blond colours but to get very light blond is very rare – however we do get hold of this hair time to time.

Our VIP coloured  Slavic Russian Hair:

This is a very soft and shiny hair cut from one donor only. We can get straight or wavy hair. The hair texture is thin, soft and silky.

Our Russian coloured range of hair is the most affordable hair we offer. The texture of this hair is thicker than VIP Russian hair, but it is still very shiny and beautiful. This hair is mainly straight.