Tape hair (50gr)


50gr of tapes = around 25pieces = 12 sandwiches

Tapes are a gentle option to your hair as an extension method. This method works very well for clients with fine hair who want add volume and length of their hair instantly. The tapes are applied by using bonding tape and last for approximately 4-6 weeks and then they could be reapplied after cleaning them. Tapes are usually 4 cm (1.5’’) wide and weigh about 2 grams to 3 grams – it depends on the length. Keep in mind that for applying one tape you need two pieces to be glued together. You can use a single tape also (ideal for the sides of the head) and use a BASE TAPE to seal the extensions from the bottom.

We  also offer INVISIBLE tapes, please see photo of our tapes in the product gallery on this page, pictures are taken before putting tape on the strip so you can see how they  are made. The strip is a thin PU (silicone) material with hand knotted hair in the strip. When these are either put together or used as single tapes it creates absolutely undetecable look. Waiting time for invisible tapes only (not ordinary tapes)  will be up to 8 weeks and this will be coonfirmed with you after we receive your order.

For full head we recommend between 130 – 200 grams of hair (depending on your natural hair). Do not apply any conditioner onto the tapes as they may slip down faster.

Contact us for any custom colour blending, halo extensions or any option you did not find online: email us info@berenicelondon.co.uk or call Petra: +44 7539516615 or simply press the WhatsApp button.

Please keep in mind, in this category you are buying SINGLE DRAWN hair, that means hair that has been cut from a donor, cleaned and washed. Up to 6″ of hair from the root are has been removed from the tail.



Natural Black


Dark/Chocolate Brown


Chestnut Brown


Dirty Blonde


Golden Blonde/Ginger


Grey Shades

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This is only example of some raw hair as we go through kilos of hair on weekly bases.

This hair you can see in the video is a raw material hair, which will be made into products, including drawing.

We produce all hair extensions ourselves (wefs, tapes, pre-bonded hair, ponytails etc.)

None of our hair has been treated with silicone or any other chemicals (unless you choose pre-coloured hair). All hair is cuticle intact and healthy hair.

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