Pre-bonded hair (50gr)


Choosing I-tips and Mini tips is the best option for clients who do not want to use any glue, chemicals or heat to their hair. It is very easy to fit them (using the ring) and very easy to take them off. If the I-tips and Mini tips are looked after properly they can last for a very long time and can be reused many times. The I-tips and Mini tips are bonded together by using Italian keratin. Mini tips are good for people with thin hair because they do not weigh much. Because of their small size they are not visible. The weight is about 0.5 gram.

I-tips are a great option for people with thicker hair who need to add length and volume. One strand is about 0.8-1.8 grams (can be all customised). U-tips is a method of attaching bonds to your hair by using a glue. The U-tips are bonded together by using Italian keratin. One strand is about 0.8-1.8 grams.

For full head we recommend 130 – 200 grams of hair (depending on your natural hair). Do not apply any conditioner onto the I-tips, U-tips as they may slip down faster.

This hair is originated from different regions in Central/East Europe, mainly central Russia, Ukraine, The Czech Republic. This hair most often has a body wave, but we can also get hold of straight and deeper wavy hair.

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2 - Black


3 - Dark Brown


4 - Medium Chocolate Brown


5.75 - Mahogany Brown


5 - Light Brown


7.1 - Ash Brown


7 - Medium Blonde


9.01 - Natural Ash Blonde


9.16 - Caramel Sandy Blonde


10 - Light Golden Blonde


613 - Bleached Blonde


60 - Platinum Blonde

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This is only example of some pre-coloured hair we get hold of. We go through kilos of hair on weekly bases.

This hair you see is mostly raw material hair, which will be made into products, including drawing. We produce all hair extensions ourselves (wefs, tapes, pre-bonded hair, ponytails etc.)

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20-30cm – 8"-12", 30-35cm – 12"-14", 36-40cm – 14"-16", 41-45cm – 16"-18", 46-50cm – 18"-20", 51-55cm – 20"-22", 56-60cm – 22"-24", 61-65cm – 24"-26"


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