Very simple to attach ponytail, which will make a big difference to your hair. You can add volume and length to your hair in minutes, you can also easily make a “messy bun” from your ponytail.

Light ponytail – 70-90gr of hair

Medium ponytail – 100-140gr of hair

Heavy ponytail – 160-200gr of hair


– Tie your hair into a ponytail or a bun (whichever you prefer);
– Put the comb tightly behind your own elastic band until you feel the tight grip;
– Simply wrap the hair strap around and attach to the Velcro – and that is it!!

We only sell ponytails in most popular lengths, please contact us for different lengths and colour requirements.

This hair is originated from different regions in South America, mainly Argentina, Brazil, Peru. This hair is most often wavy, but we can also get hold of straight and deeper wavy hair.

Contact us for any custom colour blending, halo extensions or any option you did not find online: email us info@berenicelondon.co.uk or call Petra: +44 7539516615 or simply press the WhatsApp button.



Natural Black


Dark/Chocolate Brown

Light = 70-90gr of hair, Medium = 100-140gr of hair, Heavy = 160-200gr of hair
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This is the type of hair we will use for your order. In this video you can see the natural colours – Natural black, and Dark/Chocolate brown.

This hair you see is a raw material hair, which will be made into products, including drawing or custom colouring.


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