Clip-in sets (50gr)


You are buying the most beautiful hair in the world – silky, shiny hair with the most natural move. Naturaly blonde colours are very difficult to get hold and therefore are very rare. Please use the comment box to tell us as much information as you can – what texture of hair are you looking for (very silky or coarse hair) – give us as much details as possible so we can get you your dream hair. Lightest natural colours are mostly very silky.

Clips are the best option for clients who want to instantly add the volume and the length to their hair. The Clip in wefts are custom made to your requirements so it is important to fill the box and describe how many pieces would you  like and the width of each of them.

If you do not describe your exact requirements we will make our standard set, which is 1-2 long wefts (10-11″ wide, and the rest will be smaller pieces to fit 1-2 clips).

With proper care the Clips hair extensions and Wefts can last for many years. For full head we recommend 150 – 200 grams of hair.

Contact us for any custom colour blending, halo extensions or any option you did not find online: email us or call Petra: +44 7539516615 or simply press the WhatsApp button.

Please keep in mind, in this category you are buying SINGLE DRAWN HAIR (minimum of 6″ from the root area is removed), that means the hair is washed, cleaned and removed from all fluffy and small hairs. This hair is soft like a silk with natural and beautiful shine.

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Lightest Ash Blonde


Lightest Blonde

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This is an example of some  very light hair and light ash blonde hair. This is the most rare hair in the world, therefore it is very expensive. All these tails are single drawn already. Sometimes you will need to wait up to 2 weeks for us to find you your desired tail.

We produce all hair extensions ourselves (wefs, tapes, pre-bonded hair, ponytails etc.)

None of our hair has been treated with silicone or any other chemicals (unless you choose pre-coloured hair). All hair is cuticle intact and healthy hair.


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