• The main goal is to make each hair piece as realistic and undetectable as possible so it feels like the “second scalp” for you. We listen to your needs and requirements and are determined to make the “dream piece” for you.
  • Each hair piece is designed to last and to be most comfortable for your needs. We will give you the best advice on how to care for your har system.
  • With client permission we keep the file with all information needed, including head mould and details needed to make a custom made piece.
  • We make bespoke wigs, medical wigs, hair pieces (toppers, toupees, fringes, ponytails) for a wide customer base – film industry, theaters, natural hair thinning, hair loss disorders and chemotherapy. We are based in West London and also operate mobile across the UK. We provide bespoke services to clientele across the UK and WORLDWIDE.
  • We also offer repairs to any pieces. All our pieces are designed and hand made in the UK, using the finest hair and best quality materials that is all hand-picked from Russia or South America. Alternatively you can also supply your own hair and we can make a hair piece for you. We will discuss with you about all materials and caps available to get the best option that will suit you.


Click the buttons below to download our price lists.

These prices are indicative and might be different. There are many factors that influence the final price (mainly hair length, if you want a hair piece long 10″ only the price will be much lower). Please contact us directly for more information.


Free consultation: this will allow you to see different wigs, caps, hair quality and a head mould will be made on the day. Your first consultation will take about 1 hour. If you already have any hair pieces please bring them along so we can compare and discuss.

We also offer a free video consultation for our international clients or anyone who cannot visit. We will go through all the details and information, including measurements.


We charge £40-£60 for a home visit within London and £80£100 within home counties (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex).

*If it is decided that you would like to purchase a hair piece, the home visit charge will be removed*


Russian coloured hair full wigs (hand-knotted) – from £1400 (price for 16-18″ wig, natural density)

Russian virgin hair full wigs (hand-knotted) – from £1800 (price for 16-18″ wig, natural density)

Russian coloured ¾ wigs (hand-knotted) – from £1250 (price for 16-18″ wig, natural density)

Russian virgin ¾ wigs (hand-knotted) – from £1450 (price for 16-18″ wig, natural density)

South American hair wigs (only dark natural shades, hand knotted) – from £1200 (price for 16-18″ wig, natural density)


Russian coloured hair topper – from £1500 (8×8″, 16-18″ long hair, injected French drawn cap, natural density, fully hand knotted)

Russian virgin hair topper – from £1800 (8×8″, 16-18″ long hair, injected French drawn cap, natural density, fully hand knotted)

Russian coloured hair fringe – from £350

Russian virgin hair fringe – from £430

Russian coloured hair men toupee – from £650

Russian virgin hair men toupee – from £800


If you need to resize your cap, replace lace, add hair to a current wig, change positions of clips or attach new clips etc, we can make any adjustments you need. The charge will be discussed individually with the client as each repair is unique and different. Charge is £40 per hour. Prices bellow are EXCLUDING the cost of the hair

Filling up gaps in the wig – £40 per hour

Adding hair in the entire wig + replacing current frontal lace – £290

Replacement of silk top + new lace – £450

Replacing frontal lace – £180

Resizing – £250

Bleaching knots – £40

Wash & Maintain – We will clean, wash and condition your hairpiece, along with a blow dry or roller set – £60.

Cleaning & Maintaining men toupee – £70


Very important – if we work with your own hair, we may loose couple of inches to create your desired product and loose up to 10% of the weight of the hair. Everything will be discussed with you prior to us starting any work. We are happy to produce any hair extensions with your own hair. All prices are EXCLUDING the cost of the hair.

If we work with your own hair purchased elsewhere price will be confirmed individually, normally we add 20-50% extra charge to the below pricing.

Hand-tied weft with your own hair per line – £35 (including drawing hair)

Custom designed clip-in sets per 100gr – £40 (to the price of the weft)

Machine wefting per 100gr – £45

Machine wefts folded to required size per 100gr – £55

Hair bonding per 100gr – £60

Mini tips per 100gr – £70

Taping per 100gr – £100

Bellow prices are EXCLUDING the cost of the hair and can change individually:

FULL WIGS (hand knotted), WEFTED wigs are cheaper, please contact us for more details;

Full wig + silk top – £900

Full lace (mesh, mono) wig – £650

Fishnet wig + silk top – £850

Fishnet wig – £650

PARTIAL WIGS/TOPPERS (hand knotted), WEFTED toppers/partial wigs are cheaper, please contact us for more details;

Topper + silk top (4″x4″) – £750

Topper lace (mesh, mono) – £550

Silk top 5″x5″ – £450

Silk top 4″x4″ – £380

Fishnet topper + silk top – £750

Fishnet topper – £550

MEN’S HAIRPIECES (hand knotted)

Frontal lace (frontal hairline coverage) – from £140

Toupee with silk top – £700

Toupee no silk (lace, mesh) – £600


Hair pieces Cutting

Basic hair cut – from £55

Restyle – from £65

Cut in Fringe – from £20

Wash & Blowdry – from £45

Hair pieces Colouring

Root tint – from £45

Root smudge – from £65

All over tint – from £70

Balayage – from £130

Highlights – from £130

Toner – from £25

Hair pieces Perming starts from £70

Hair pieces Keratin treatment starts from £70

Men Touppee fitting/cutting (clean current hairpiece, blend own hair with hair piece) starts from £95, follow up visits from £65


Prices will be discussed accordingly as each hair extensions fitting is very individual. You can contact us directly for a quote. We can fit extensions which you bought elsewhere or extensions supplied by us. All prices are EXCLUDING the cost of the hair.

Tapes (100gr) – from £60

LA Weaves (4 rows) – from £80

Micro rings (100gr) – from £80

Keratin bonds – from £95

Removal of tapes including cleaning & retaping (100gr) – from £60

Removal of LA Weaves (4 rows) – from £50

Removal of Micro rings (100gr) – from £50

Removal of Keratin bonds – from £70