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  • The main goal is to make each hair piece as realistic and undetectable as possible so it feels like the second scalp for you.
  • With client permission we keep the file with all information needed, including head mould and details needed to make a custom made piece.
  • We make bespoke wigs, medical wigs, hair pieces (toppers, toupees, fringes, ponytails) for a wide audience – film industry, theatres, natural hair thinning, hair loss disorders and chemotherapy. We are based in West London and also operate mobile across London. We provide bespoke services to clientele across the UK and WORLDWIDE.
  • We also offer repairs to any pieces. All our pieces are designed and hand made in the UK, using the finest hair that is all hand-picked from Russia. Alternatively you can also supply your own hair and we can make a hair piece for you. We will discuss with you about all materials and caps available to get the best option that will suit you.

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Please note: Clients suffering from any hair loss conditions are entitled to 20% off on all wig and hairpiece orders.


Free consultation, where you will see different wig caps, hair quality and a head mould will be done.


We charge £60 for a home visit within London and £80 within home counties (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex)


Russian coloured hair full wigs – from £1500

Russian virgin hair full wigs – from £1700

Russian coloured ¾ wigs – from £1400

Russian virgin ¾ wigs - from £1600


Russian coloured hair topper – from £1500

Russian virgin hair topper – from £1600

Russian coloured hair fringe – from £455

Russian virgin hair fringe – from £505

Russian coloured hair ponytail – from £265

Russian virgin hair ponytail – from £375

Russian coloured hair toupee – from £950

Russian virgin hair toupee – from £1050


Alterations – if you need to resize your cap, change positions of clips or attach new clips, we can make any adjustments you need.

The charge will be discussed with the client as each job will be different. Charge is £40 per hour.

Repairs – if your wig has lost a bit of hair or you have a patch which needs knotting more hair, we can do this for you. Sometimes there may be a little tear in your hair piece.

The charge will be discussed with the client as each job will be different. Charge is £40 per hour.

Wash & Maintain – We will wash and condition your hairpiece, along with a blow dry or roller set - £60.


Wig Cut – £60

Wig Colour starts at £70