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Hair Maintenance

When washing your hair extensions use sulphate and alcohol free products. Wash your hair gently from the roots to the ends. Rubbing can cause the hair to tangle. When you're done rinse your hair thoroughly and make sure that your hair is clean before you use a hair conditioner. Your extensions don't receive the natural oils from your scalp so you must condition your hair after every wash. Do not apply conditioner into the root area or near the attachments. It can loosen the bonds and make your extensions fall out. Wait 48 hours before you wash your hair for the first time (especially when bonds are attached).

Be careful with the use of blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons. It is best to let your hair dry naturally. Use a special brush for hair extensions when brushing your hair (soft bristle brush). It is best to start at the ends of your hair and work your way up. Always brush in a downward motion. Brush your hair a few times a day.

When you would like to perm or colour your hair, don't do it yourself. 

Avoid long exposure to chlorine and salt water. Chlorine and salt water can cause the hair to tangle and mat up. 

Be gentle with your extensions as pulling will cause serious breakage.


Hand tied wefts

When using hand tied wefts make sure the sharp objects are not used as the weft can become unravelled and the hair become loose. Before ordering a hand tied weft make sure you give us your measurements so the weft can be tailored to your needs.



Like growing hair, you should shampoo your wig at least once in two weeks - depending on the activities you do and how often you wear your wig.  This can be done under the shower while wearing your wig, or by hand.  Because most shampoos are formulated to remove oils from the scalp (which would dry out a wig), it is better to use shampoos and conditioners formulated for dry, coloured or permed hair.

Pre-washing care is important. Remove all tangles with thorough brushing before any washing otherwise it would be impossible to comb or brush later.

Cleaning Care

Use lukewarm water - NEVER HOT! Use sulphate and alcohol free products. Be gentle, never rub vigorously. Always rinse the shampoo off with the water flowing in the direction of the hair of fibre, i.e. from the roots to the ends.  Never rinse under high-pressure water, spray or tap. Never use hot water unless you wish to straighten or loosen the original curl/wave. After rinsing squeeze the hair – but not the cap - in a towel to remove excess water and apply conditioner (Hair Wig Balsam Conditioner can be used).

Spread the conditioner down the hair length with your fingers and gently squeeze through the hair.  Use a wide-toothed comb and work the conditioner gently through, leaving it on for two to five minutes but no longer.


Rinse thoroughly under running water and towel dry.

Never leave conditioners or other products on your wig overnight, or for long periods.  This can damage the silicone's bond to the hair roots, resulting in severe hair loss.



Place the wig onto a head form and gently comb or brush the fibre hair into the direction of the finished style. Allow to completely dry off at room temperature.


Using a water spray bottle to dampen the hair slightly before styling will soften and reactivate any styling products used before, avoiding combing stress on the hair and giving your hair a fresh look for the day.

If you must use a hairdryer, use only warm settings – never hot.


Always brush longer hair from the ends first.  Then, when smoothed out, take the brush fully through the hair.

For re-colouring always seek professional advice.

Avoid the heat from flames and cookers as this can frizz real hair.

Sleeping in your wig will damage the hair and can cause breakage and split ends.


If you are in doubt as to how your wig or hair extension should be washed and conditioned contact us.

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