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Styling, Colouring & Cutting

As one of our services we also offer custom styling, colouring and cutting of hair pieces. This wig on the picture is made by us, but after a couple of years of wearing, our client wanted a bit of refreshing change! So we brightened the colour of the wig with a toner, cut it shorter with a lovely fringe and styled it. Wig is again like new ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bespoke Halo extension hair piece with extra clips

Our extensions are bespoke to suit the exact needs of our clients. Normal size of halo extension is 11″ in width, but this particular halo piece is 9″ wide as our client’s head is just a bit smaller. Luiza also asked for some extra clips to add security and we think the final product looks outstanding. We used very soft and silky virgin hair for this piece.

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Invisible tapes

We are now also offering invisible tapes to our customers. The hair is knotted by injection method into a skin PU which creates absolutely natural look. All the tapes are then taped with the best quality Strong Hold Walkers Tape.

Waiting time for invisible tapes with custom choice of hair is 6-8 weeks, but it is worth it :))