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About Us

- At Berenice London, we deal with hair directly from a MANUFACTURER in Russia. All our hair is hand-picked Slavic luxury quality. This hair will last you a lifetime with good care. The hair we offer is Virgin hair cut from young donors & hair coloured to the client's request.

- All our Slavic Russian hair has NO silicone or chemicals used (unless dyed), therefore even after you have washed your hair over and over, it still looks like new. Hair has nice thick dense ends.

- We also offer Exclusive VIP Slavic hair, which is also from one donor only, it is very soft and silky hair to touch and it is precoloured to your request and comes naturally wavy or straight.

- The most affordable range of hair we offer is Russian Eastern hair, this hair is still very soft and shiny to touch but each hair is thicker than average unprocessed young donor hair or even thicker than Slavic VIP hair and the texture is mainly straight.

- Our Russian Hair comes straight or naturally wavy.

Berenice London Ltd, Russian Hair Specialists In London

Berenice London is a "mother and daughter" company that deals with the highest quality Russian/Slavic Hair. We have been in this business for many years, we have seen all types of hair and Russian hair is definitely the best on the market.

Berenice London Ltd, Russian Hair Specialists In London

This hair will last you for many years, as it is not silicone treated, all hair is cuticle correct and tangle free. This hair is an excellent choice for wigs, hair pieces or hair extensions.

Virgin or Dyed Russian Hair at Berenice London Ltd

Virgin or dyed hair is sold in a great variety of products: bulks, wefts, pre-bonded strands (i-tips, u-tips strands), tapes, clip-in extensions & pony-tails.

Handmade Russian Hair Wigs at Berenice London Ltd

We do most of the work with hair in our showroom in London. We offer double-drawn and single-drawn hair. Also we blend colours for the most natural look because no-one’s hair is comprised of just one colour. We also make hand-tied wefts (custom width to client's request), we also make bonds, so you can choose the weight of your prebonoded extensions. We use the best Italian keratin glue.

Custom made bespoke wigs at Berenice London Ltd

We design custom-made bespoke wigs for clients all over the world either with hair loss problems, chemotherapy patients or just as a fashion accessory.

Russian / Slavic Hair Supplier to the wholesale at Berenice London Ltd

Berenice London supplies Russian/Slavic hair for either personal orders or wholesale buyers (salons, mobile hairdressers).


  • All hair has beautiful thick dense ends;
  • No split ends;
  • NO SILICONE used on any type of hair;
  • All Slavic hair can be dyed, tinted;
  • All hair is homogeneous/same source;
  • Hair remains same after washing straight/wavy;
  • Huge selection of colours/shades and lengths;


  • Berenice dedicated her hair as an offering for the safe return of her husband from an expedition, and the hair was stolen and according to legend, placed in the heavens.
  • We love our work because dealing with our clients is exciting. Every client has their own story…. Sometimes it can be funny, sometimes it is sad and they share them with us. To make a perfect hair piece can solve some problems and makes clients happy. We understand the importance of friendliness and understanding our clients. We talk with our clients about their requirements, lifestyle and health condition. We create the template (head mould). This is what ‘’custom made and bespoke’’ means to us.
  • Our journey started with alopecia in our family, we went through many difficulties along the way…. from visiting countless doctors, waiting for results and finally finding out about alopecia – an autoimmune condition. The hair shedding was rapid. We tried very expensive steroid based treatments with no results, so we began to explore the world of hair pieces. The first wig we purchased was overpriced and did not last more than 1 year. That is why we started our wig making business. We wanted the best quality of hair to use on the best ever hair pieces. Some clients need hair extensions, others need hair pieces so we try to satisfy everyone with the best hair choice with a good amount of time invested to each client.
  • The main aim is to see our customers happy. By our personal experience we know how stressful lower quality hair can be, it is hard to maintain, sometimes lasts only a few months and is impossible to look after. With Russian hair you will feel instantly confident and beautiful, because the hair looks so natural and is far easier to maintain – either it is used on extensions or as a hair piece.
  • The best achievement for us is to design the hair system that suits perfectly and feels like the second scalp for our clients.
  • In our company we guarantee that our customers get what they pay for. Our hair is the finest you can get and of a highly professional quality.

Areas We Cover

Berenice London has customers all over the world, here are some of the places we have covered so far.