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Russian Hair Specialist in London

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We offer a truly bespoke service using the finest ethically sourced hair.

What do we do at Berenice London:

Custom made

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Custom made
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All you need to know about our hair

Before I write any details about hair I want to ensure all of our clients that all of our hair is ethically source. This is not just a term that is “cool” to be used but it has a meaning. All the donors are happy to cut their hair as they get paid lot of money for it and it is a significant amount of money for them. None of our donors are forced into cutting hair.

There is a lot you need to understand about Russian/Slavic and also about South American hair, it is in a different league to other hair that you can buy online and is very hard to find. Genuine Russian hair is rare and not cheap to get hold of. Unprocessed “virgin hair” is often very silky and the hair is very fine, but we can also find thicker hair. Russian hair comes more often straight/body wavy sometimes we can find deep wave or curly hair. Russian hair comes from Slavic countries (West parts of Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic).

What is most readily available is Indian and what is called “European Hair”. Most of this hair is over-processed due to colouring, a lot of silicone is used on the hair so it looks shiny and healthy. Once this silicone is washed off you will end up with hair that tangles and is very difficult to even brush through. You will often find with this hair that 80% is synthetic or animal hair. These types of hair often comes from China.

Custom Made Bespoke Wigs & Repairs

You can have a wig designed for various reasons – as a fashion accessory (theatre, or change of look) or you may have a medical condition (Alopecia, Trichotillomania, genetic thinning undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy).

All our wigs are designed and hand made in the UK by us as we are qualified WIG MAKERS. All hair pieces are custom made. We will take detailed measurements and a head mould to achieve the exact size for your new hair system and to make it feel like a second skin. We often make hair pieces for abroad clients, we will have a detailed video consultation and you will be guided on how to take measurements and everything will be agreed and discussed.

All our hair pieces are made of the best quality hair. We use either pre coloured hair or virgin hair cut from young donors. We will support our clients throughout the whole wig making process to achieve the perfect and most comfortable wig. We colour match hair exactly and can do any custom colouring or styling on the wig.

Custom made wigs take up to 10 weeks to be designed.

Our Hand Made Work

What do we produce in London (UK):

  • hair pieces for men & women
  • fashion hair pieces – ponytails, fringes, Halo extensions
  • machine wefts
  • hand tied wefts
  • tape in extensions
  • pre-bonded extensions (using Italian keratin glue)
  • custom clip in sets
  • double drawn hair
  • custom colouring & cuttig
  • colour match client’s hair

Wholesale Russian / Slavic Hair

We supply salons, wig makers, agencies for fashion wigs and hair extensions stylists with our Russian/Slavic Hair and also South American hair. We offer up to 20% discounts to salons and businesses.

We supply with hair, extensions or hair pieces.

Contact us directly to discuss about wholesale deals.
Petra: +44 (0) 7539 516615
[email protected]

Hair Extension Courses London

At Berenice London we offer a range of hair extension courses in London, our hair extension courses take place at our studio in London W7 and these will be one to one only. If you like to take a hair extension course with a friend or relative, we will accept 2 students after agreement. 

Our courses in hair extensions include machine wefting, hair extensions application, hand-tied wefting, creating hair extensions and many more.

To view our hair extension courses and to book online click below.

Special Offers

500gr to 1kg = 7% off
Over 1 kg = 17% off

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